We recommend you use these driving directions when you come to stay at our Long Beach, WA Bed and Breakfast Inn.

To visit Washington State Parks- and we have 5 on the Long Beach Peninsula, you will need a Discover Pass. $10/day or $30/year. Don’t forget yours if you have one!

Map to Boreas Bed & Breakfast
To locate Boreas Bed and Breakfast, please use our local map or for a broader view, check out a zoomable map.A very large panoramic view from our Inn can be seen here. Be sure to scroll to the right to view the entire panoramic image.Visit Yahoo! Maps for Driving Directions from your location, Click Here!

From Seattle to Our Long Beach, WA Bed and Breakfast

I-5 south to Olympia, take exit #104, the Hwy 101 exit, West towards Aberdeen. Before Aberdeen, exit to the right at Montesano, turn left at stop onto HWY 107 that connects to 101 South, through Raymond and South Bend to Long Beach. Watch your speed. Proceed through the light at the intersection of Sandridge and Hwy. 101 to the flashing red light, where 101 ends, turn right to Long Beach, north, onto Hwy 103 (Pacific) and go 1.6 miles to 6th North, (there is a 6th South–so keep going!) turn left on 6th North, proceed one short block, turn right onto Blvd. aka Ocean Beach Blvd. Boreas Inn is on left at 607 N. Ocean Beach Blvd. The Yett House is at 601 N. Ocean Beach Blvd on the corner (look for white picket fence!) We’re a 2 hour drive from Olympia. Drive time from Seattle is totally dependent upon traffic. So leave early in the day if possible as it will take less time to get to Long Beach!  Bring your Discover Pass!

From Portland, Oregon to Our Long Beach, WA Bed and Breakfast

I-5 north to Longview/Long Beach exit. Loop over freeway, proceed 2 miles or so to the 3rd Ave./Industrial Exit. Exit and then turn left, go past Home Depot & stay on highway through about four stop lights following signs to Oregon Hwy 30. Turn left on Oregon St. that takes you over the Lewis and Clark Bridge, then turn right up steep hill towards Astoria on Hwy 30. Proceed on Hwy 30 through Astoria and get in right lane and drive over the Astoria/Megler Bridge across Columbia River to the Long Beach Peninsula. Turn left off bridge and drive north (about 13 miles) through Ilwaco to Long Beach. (Short-cut to bypass Ilwaco across from KOA Campground, right onto Alternate Rt. 101, go left at stop to Long Beach.) Drive through downtown Long Beach and five blocks north of second stop light (Bolstad Blvd) , turn left on 6th North, go one block and turn right on Blvd. aka Ocean Beach Blvd. To 607 N. Ocean Beach Blvd., on the left. (The Yett House is at 601 Ocean Beach Blvd, on the corner of 6th and Ocean Beach Blvd. just south of the B&B,surrounded by white picket fence). It’s a 2.5 hour drive from Portland. Most scenic, but longer route: Follow signs at Longview to Hwy 4 and proceed on the Washington side of Columbia River, go straight through Naselle, drive along the Willapa Bay and follow signs to Long Beach.  You will need a Discover Pass to go into the Washington State Parks.

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