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Serenaded by Honeymooners at Boreas Inn!

October 28th, 2009 by Susie Goldsmith

Bill and I have beautiful and unique guests at Boreas Inn, of that, there is no doubt.  Do they come for our stuffed pears, our buttery pastries, great coffee, wild mushroom and smoked sturgeon fritattas?  Sure they do.  Do they come for a dreamy nights’ sleep on glorious beds?  Yep–they do.  Great views, laughter, open space and us, the silly innkeepers….uh huh.  But do our guests come to entertain us with exceptional music played just for us at the breakfast table?  Very very seldom…  Today was such a treat for us.  David and Dana Berge, after knowing each other for 30 years, decided to marry last month.  They came to Boreas for one night, last night, as part of their ongoing honeymoon.  (So sweet!!)  We didn’t know they were talented musicians and played music with our treasured local resident (well, now he lives across the river…), Hobe Kytr.   Dave Berge and Hobe recorded a CD called “Dog Salmon and Rutabagas, Songs of the Northwest“.   This morning Dana and Dave sang and played “Fisherman’s Life” and “Ilwaco Town” and another fine piece  on their autoharps.  They held a private concert just for Bill and me, impromptu!  We were entranced with the picking and the strumming, the beautiful lyrics, and the fact that the music they played for us have meaning to where we live and who we are.  Then, winning our hearts even more, they graciously gave us one of the CD’s.  It was a wonderful trade–we were rewarded by the generosity and grace of these two lovely and talented guests who have found love with each other–we cooked them a great breakfast and gave them a good nights’ rest–they played beautiful music together.  Such a nice morning.  We are grateful to have them as new friends and thankful to Hobe Kytr for sending these very special newlyweds our way.  Thank you, Hobe, thank you!

Dave and Dana play Songs of the Northwest for Susie and Bill

Dave and Dana play Songs of the Northwest for Susie and Bill

Be a Hero in your Household!

October 16th, 2009 by Susie Goldsmith

Make a date with your sweetheart to come to the beach this weekend! We have openings all weekends and especially for our 8th Annual Wild Mushroom Celebration Weekend October 30-Nov.1.  Check out our website, for details and availability for this  great event.  We are waiving our two night weekend minimum for Water Music Festival, which starts tonight. We have a couple of rooms open and it promises to be a stormy, but warm weekend!  We’re offering our Walk-in Special rate of $150 for this weekend (October 16,17) and next weekend (October 23,24) welcoming one night stays for this Saturday night, October 17th–we have two rooms open!

Start your day with a three-course brunch at Boreas!

Start your day with a three-course brunch at Boreas!

Come visit, we’re a bit lonely!

Unique Dining: Bed and Breakfast Washington

January 14th, 2009 by Susie Goldsmith

Are you looking for a unique culinary experience?

One of the best reasons to get out of bed at our Washington State Bed and Breakfast is the breakfast! We present a multi-course meal using local and creative ingredients. Bill’s egg entrees highlight our local chanterelle, lobster, hedgehog, oyster or porcini mushrooms. We serve over 20 varieties of local, wild mushrooms each year.  We use smoked salmon, sturgeon and albacore caught by local fishermen from the Pacific and oysters from local Willapa and Shoalwater Bays. The homefries are seasoned with herbs from our Unique dining at Washington Coast Bed and Breakfast garden.

We have sweet and savory dishes every morning, including pancakes with triple ginger and pumpkin, baked french toast with blueberries and waffles with lemon chiffon.

We start our unique dining experience every morning with fresh fruit entrees. It is a refreshing way to start the meal, as well as your whole day! An example of how you might start breakfast while in Long Beach Washington: a chilled four-berry soup topped with folded cream and chocolate mint from the garden. Wow! This Washington Bed and Breakfast also bakes their own pastries in the morning, using delicious and gourmet ingredients like pecans, macadamia nuts, and local cranberries.

Of course, no breakfast is complete without fresh, smooth and organic coffee. We also have lots of teas and hot cocoa!

We hope we will see you soon for some of our unique dining. Come for a Washington Coast Romantic Getaway!

Beautiful Autumn Chantrelles Delivered to Boreas Inn

September 30th, 2008 by Susie Goldsmith

Veronica, our professional forager and dear friend, brought us some Chantrelle mushrooms the other day. There was one in the batch that is the biggest and most beautiful I have seen. Larger than my hand, I hope the images I have taken can give you some idea of the size and intricate nature of this gorgeous mushroom. It was picked in front of Veronica’s house! We still have room for you for our Wild Mushroom Celebration October 17th-19th. You can go foraging on the 18th with Veronica! Late September ChantrelleChantrelle and Yellow Begonia //

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