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Boreas Inn named 2009 "Top 5 B&B" in KING 5 TV's "Northwest Best Escapes"

May 5th, 2009 by Susie Goldsmith

Thank you for picking Boreas Inn on KING 5 TV’s Northwest Best Escapes as one of the “Top 5” Bed and Breakfasts!  We are thrilled to be among the winning group and know that without our guests’ wonderful reviews and votes, that we would not be named with such worthy inns.  This is a great reward and knowing that we are appreciated is truly the best thanks we could have, other than a fully occupied inn!  Come visit and help us celebrate being a Long Beach, Washington Best Escape!   Adding to the KING 5 “Northwest Best Escapes” awards, Long Beach was voted “BEST BEACH” and the Boardwalk in Long Beach was voted “Best Place to Kiss”. The North Head Lighthouse was voted #2 “Best Lighthouse” and the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse was voted #3 “Best Lighthouse”.    So in summary, Boreas is on the Best Beach and five blocks from the “Best Place to Kiss” and 10 minutes from two of the best lighthouses!  How cool is that?  Thank you to KING 5!

Vote for Boreas Inn on KING 5 Best of the Northwest !

March 24th, 2009 by Susie Goldsmith

We have been honored to be nominated for King 5’s Best of The Northwest in the Bed and Breakfast Category.  As one of our many friends and family members, we know you share our excitement about this nomination!  Now let’s Rock The Vote! Bill and I would be grateful if you could take a few moments out of your busy lives, remember the respite that is Boreas, and follow the attached link to our photo and name and give us a “yea” vote!

Most of you have friends and family who know Boreas Inn.  I’m sending this letter out to only a few of you.  It would be so appreciated, if you are so inclined, if you would forward this email to your friends and family who know us. You are all #1  with us, let’s make Boreas #1 with King 5!  Here’s the link:

(Scroll down until you see our image and name–it wanders around the two pages of nominated inns.  Just press the button and your vote is in!!)

If you haven’t come to visit recently, please come see us!  Business has been down as you might expect, and we would love to welcome you back!  If this email is a duplicate, please excuse me!     Please look forward to a newsletter in the next month or so!

Bill and I send our thanks and our very best to you!  Write us if you haven’t been in touch!

Warm regards from Susie and Bill

Oceanside view of Boreas Inn

Oceanside view of Boreas Inn

Valentine's Weekend and Cape "D" Trivia

February 17th, 2009 by Susie Goldsmith

Well, finally, things seemed back to normal at Boreas Inn–we had a wonderfully busy long weekend with lovely guests. The weather was glorious, the stars were brilliant each night, and the Long Beach Peninsula was looking beautiful.

Over the last two nights, we had a couple staying in The Dunes Suite on their honeymoon.  Around our age, these two amazing people were in so many ways very inspiring to us.  (This is one of the real rewards of this work–we get to meet phenomenal people!) Alan has metastatic prostate cancer, is solid and hopeful and that helped us to be as optimistic as he is!  He is totally in love with his new wife, Susan, who is like an old friend.  After the wedding, she tripped and dislocated her left ring finger (I think), and of course, she’s left-handed.  Her hand was swollen and very painful.  In spite of all the challenges, they were extremely gracious with us and so very loving with each other.  How fortunate that they found each other and graced Boreas.  Alan, as it turns out, is a most talented photographer.  Yesterday, he caught an eagle in a classic pose down in the wetlands area at Beard’s Hollow at Cape Disappointment State Park.  I tried to to copy the eagle image he sent me, but the format couldn’t copy so I will ask him to re-send the photographs as attachments.  He loves taking pictures of flowers–and I may copy some of those onto a blog when I get a chance.  Alan and Susan will be back to celebrate their first anniversary next year.  Hopefully they will be back sooner!

The Chocolate Lover’s Dinner at The Depot Restaurant was phenomenal this past weekend.  Our guests loved it! I forgot to bring home a menu.  The specialty dinners at our local restaurants never cease to amaze me. We had an early Valentine’s dinner there on Friday night to celebrate Bill’s birthday, which was marred by his fracturing his right ankle on the 10th.  It’s as swollen as Susan’s left hand.  He will get more x-rays tomorrow and find out the prognosis.

Now for a bit of trivia about one of the most frequently asked questions at Boreas. For those of you who don’t know why Cape Disappointment and the Columbia River was so named, here’s the explanation courtesy of Washington State Parks.  In 1788, while in search of the Columbia River, English Captain John Meares missed the passage over the river bar and named the nearby headland Cape Disappointment for his failure in finding the river. In 1792, American Captain Robert Gray successfully crossed the river bar and named the river “Columbia” after his ship, the Columbia Rediviva. Only a few years later, in 1805, the Lewis and Clark Expedition arrived at Cape Disappointment.  So now you have the real story!

Eagle at Beard's Hollow

Eagle at Beard's Hollow

Winter Storm Coming In!

December 11th, 2008 by Susie Goldsmith

So–this weekend we’re having the B&B Open House in five inns on the Peninsula.  This is an annual benefit for the local food banks and gives locals the chance to visit our inns decorated for the holidays and nibble on goodies at each inn.  Having failed to get our B&B association’s press release and photo in the local paper (they told us they didn’t receive it–twice!), the word is out on KMUN radio, perhaps there was mention in the Daily Astorian (I re-sent the press release and added one of my own) and there was a brief listing in  the local paper under Community Activities.  So I have made Creme de Menthe cookies and I’m making chocolate and vanilla cupcakes frosted and decorated with pretty holiday sprinkles, spiced cider and other goodies and some of our friends will show up if they don’t get blown away during the predicted storm tomorrow with wind gusts up to 70 mph.  Then snow… over the weekend maybe.  We are all a bit paranoid having been hammered with our “hurricane” last December 1-3 where we experienced 3 days of winds, 80-140 mph and really, nobody knew about how bad it was because we had absolutely no communication for three days.  In actuality, Bill and I have US Cellular service and we had usable cell phones for most of the storm–but we didn’t know how fortunate we were.  So–Pacific County is going out of their way to prepare us with these dire predictions for the next few days.

We had our wonderful and mellow Holiday Decorating Party last weekend.  Cindy and Robert Davis, Odell Hathaway, Jennifer Flickinger, Mary Berscheidt, Fred Humphrey and his daughter Amy and husband Gary Inman helped decorate.  Bill did the exterior lighting–just perfect, as always.  The weekend was relaxing, full of great food and the inn looks very pretty.  (In case the neighbors all show up for the Open House this weekend!)  Thank you to all of you, dear friends for your help in decorating!  Wish I could get some good exterior shots of the lights at night–but it’s so difficult to shoot!   We still have an opening over New Years and some rooms after Christmas. (And lots before the holiday too!)  So come to the wild SW Washington Coast and sit by the fire!  I am attempting to upload images and the link isn’t working–sorry!  I will try again tomorrow.

A Warm Weather Walk and Decorating for the Holidays

December 5th, 2008 by Susie Goldsmith

Bill and I just went for a very long walk in beautiful warm December weather.  The beach was empty except for people in the distance.  The surf looked perfect for riding waves and indeed there were sea lions surfing out on the large clean-breaking line of surf.  Crabbing season opened this week and we spotted a number of crab boats and crab pot floats.  We can’t wait to sample the Dungeness crab this weekend!  We will be having our annual Decorating Party this weekend and have found a lush Hannukah Bush (aka Christmas Tree) to decorate.  There are cedar boughs already decorating the outside of the inn along with our usual twinkling white lites and some holiday red and green lights.  Last night, we were treated to dinner by Mary Berscheidt, one of our dearest guests, at one of our very favorite restaurants in the Pacific Northwest,  The Port Bistro. The chop salad and the “baseball cut” New York Steak was perfect and the new dessert menu was tempting.  Indeed, we gave into temptation.  Bill had the flourless chocolate cake, I had the Port Wine Berry Cobbler and Mary had the triple sorbets made with fresh fruit.  We had a much-needed wonderful time and our friends, Larry and Jennifer, the chef/owners, were able to spend some time with us.  We have rooms left for after Christmas and our New Years’ Crabcake and Champagne Brunch. We can’t guarantee this beautiful weather–but it’s always beautiful at Boreas!

Long Beach, Washington's Warm Weather Welcomes The Hawaiian Chieftain and The Lady Washington

May 16th, 2008 by Susie Goldsmith

It is currently 83 degrees in Long Beach and these beautiful tall ships are moored at the Port of Ilwaco this weekend. You can take tours, go on an adventure cruise or just gaze at these majestic ships! Saturday Market along the waterfront has begun and there are more merchants than ever. We have transitioned from winter to summer in only a few days ‘time and we can’t complain. Come and visit! //

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