A Surprising Sunny Day in Long Beach, Washington

It was not supposed to be a nice day at the beach. Well–we fooled the weatherman. It was quite beautiful. Last night’s sunset was hot pink and misty, unlike anything I had seen before and today was springy and lovely. We have a full house for the next few days which makes it great for us. I cleaned out my Long Beach city planter (all the planters are maintained by volunteers). There were a hundred tulip remnants from the brilliant red tulips this year. It looked like there had been a tulip party in the planter! Then I went to my favorite Peninsula nursery, the Basket Case (love the name) and bought many plants for the gardens and pots at Boreas and if I can part with any, I will re-plant the city planter. The garden is usually planted by now–but the weather has been so strange that nobody felt it was safe to plant until now. (See my blog with the tulips in the snow!)The hammock and the Harley were his toys today.

2 Responses to “A Surprising Sunny Day in Long Beach, Washington”

  1. Glad to see Bill looking so good and working SO HARD!

  2. Susie says:

    He snuck away for a few minutes of R&R. Must be nice! How’re you doing? Thanks for writing, Odell!

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