Voluntourism at Boreas

Good morning! It’s cool and cloudy with a hint of blue stripe in the sky–the barometer’s up–but probably only temporarily! I’m excited about a project we’re trying to kick-off, peninsula-wide–a newer concept called “Voluntourism”. For years, guests at Boreas have asked for bags so they can do beach clean-up when they take their long beach walks. It warms our heart every time a guest asks to help. So I have ordered biodegradable bags that they can take with them for their beach clean-up efforts. The idea of plastic bags laying around landfills for the rest of our lives has become revolting to us! We’re working with the Grass Roots Garbage Gang beach clean-up guru, Shelly Pollock, (also my insurance agent—in rural communities people wear many hats!) and the Visitor’s Bureau to formally address the benefits of Voluntourism, where guests can participate in beach clean-up.
On a quarterly basis, the Grass Roots Garbage Gang and their hundreds of volunteers gathering tons of trash off the beach.
Maybe we can get even more accomplished on a daily basis, complementing what the group already does. We even have a “Voluntourism” Special on our website now under “Packages”. The Beach in Front of Boreas


2 Responses to “Voluntourism at Boreas”

  1. JAYNE says:

    Well I am inpressed with your entry into the current century. I also love the voluntourism concept. I am chairing the Westwood Hills Go Green Committee and am having quite a heated battle trying to get people to stop putting yard waste in black plastic bags.

    We did a composting demo two weeks ago trying to encourage that eco-friendly habit. Change is so hard for some people even if our planet is at stake.

  2. Jerry Instenes says:

    I’ve known Shelly Pollock all her life and the Long Beach area is lucky I told her how much fun it would be to live at the beach. Well 14 years later much has happened to our little girl. By now you can tell that I’m a proud parent and love to help out when I can in the beach clean up and as a charter member of the grass roots garbage gang as well as a member of the adult community center. Keep up the good work and if we all work together the beach will be clean for all to enjoy. aka Shelly’s dad Jerry Instenes

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