Razor Clams, Long Beach Peninsula WA US

This is a beautiful image of a bucket of razor clams and the type of shovel Bill uses for clamming. I use a clam gun–much easier for me. Thought you might want to see what a razor clam looks like!. The outside of the shells are razor sharp, hence the name–so you have to be careful!

2 Responses to “Razor Clams, Long Beach Peninsula WA US”

  1. No wonder Bill has a bad back. So would anyone lugging that bucket and shovel around. Luckily, legal clam tides are few and far between. xxx ooo -bw

  2. Susie says:

    That bucket is around 40 years old–the image was shot in 1965–but it sure is pretty! Thanks, Blaine, for being the very first Boreas Blog Comment! Love, Suz

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