Long Beach WA Kite Festival

When the skies are alive with color! And not a Charlie Brown in the bunch. It’s a great time to visit Long Beach, WA.

3 Responses to “Long Beach WA Kite Festival”

  1. Jihane says:

    Love the new blog!! I’ll be checking it frequently.. still hoping to make it up there some day, it looks so beautiful!!love, Jihane

  2. Susie says:

    Thanks for writing, Jihane! I will work hard at keeping the blog current and timely. Should be a fun part of my day. I hope you can come visit soon! Love, Susie

  3. Julie Cwikel says:

    Susie and Bill,

    the photos are amazingly beautiful and I love the idea of voluntourism – keep up the good work on the blog. There is no B & B that is more deliciously comfortable than Boreas.


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